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Park Lane Live is an independent consultancy agency, with the aim of providing services and products that add value and provide instrumental benefits to clients, no matter the request.


Our proposition is simple:


We don’t just listen to your request for a singer and then provide one. We don’t just provide Press Releases on demand. We want to understand what your goal is; what you want to achieve with the artist you’ve asked for, or the DJ you think is the right fit. We want to get inside the story you want to tell, and who too. We want to know who your audience is and how we can help bring your vision to life.

We won’t lie, it’s possible that sometimes we will argue with you (quite heatedly). we like to give you options, we push you to think outside of your comfort zone. We like to be your partner, your friend and your creative cushion. We are here to generate ideas to ensure that the output you want is getting the right input.

We want to be sure you are doing the right thing for your business and brand and that you will wring every drop of value out of what we can do for you, whether that’s entertainment, content creation, strategy management, events management or communications, it has to be for a reason.


As subject-matter experts in events and communications, we work as an extension of your team to provide you with over 26 years of experience.


Our Events team cover planning and delivery of events, hospitality, entertainment, shows, festivals and experiences.



Our Communications team cover media management, public relations, media training, crisis management, speech writing, media buying, content creation, branding and so much more.



We are happy to become part of your offering, part of the team, part of the family. We can come sit with you (we don’t have too, we are quite noisy), we can represent you formally, we have many different ways of working, but essentially, we just want to be with you.

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