We are a collection of visionaries, strategists, planners and creators, who offer extraordinary events.

Our innovative way of thinking engages clients and their audiences, no matter what their requirements are. We work as an extension of your teams to design engaging events. It is our aim to help our customers make the most out of these interactions, creating a fulfilling and purposeful experience.


As Event Management specialists, we offer streamlined events to suit your objectives. Whether you require an awards dinner, conference, exhibition, team building or a recognition event, we create and deliver projects of all shapes and sizes that are designed to engage your audience through live experiences


We can help you with every aspect of event planning or support you with specific areas. Our team will quickly become a trusted extension of your in-house team, providing support in the areas you need it most.


Our creative event management and production teams, combined with our unique list of industry-leading suppliers, allow us to maximise your budget and ensure that your live event is a success and has measurable results




We want to ensure your venue is operating at its maximum. Every venue should live its best life, all the time, not just on special occasions.


We curate bespoke content to suit you and your space. Don’t worry, we also have all the traditional things up our sleeve, like talent, and theming and duos, trios and saxophonists. But we, like the Spice Girls, want to make sure it’s what you really really want!


We offer strategy, implementation and management, we are the full spectrum.


We are an agency that offers an efficient no-nonsense service, ensuring that you receive the expertise you require, with no unnecessary add-ons or overheads. Our services focus on venues seeking access to content and/or increased programming of their calendars. We also service theatres and festival locations with specific touring opportunities or curated content.


We produce fresh and focused content and products for venues to connect with and grow their audiences.


To put it simply - we create bespoke tactical experiences that spark a connection between venues and their desired community



Here at the Park Lane PR coalface, we specialize in good noise. An agency that excels at creatively influencing the public, the press and the influencers themselves.

That press message is key, and that unlocks the door through Park Lane. making the introductions and facilitating the relationships that matter.

We don’t buy advertisements, we don’t order journalists to write stories for our clients, we don’t produce cute radio jingles, and we don’t hand out free samples at the mall. Yes, we try to promote our clients, our products or ourselves. But unlike advertisers, we persuade our external or internal audiences via unpaid or earned methods.  Whether it’s the traditional media, social media or speaking engagements, we communicate with our audiences through trusted, not paid, sources.

Here’s what the Public Relations Society of America PRSA agreed upon after a few thousand submissions of ‘What is PR’


“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics"

We are here to be an extension of you, and we are carriers of your message and the key to your brand and personal success is to trust us.